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DIMAR is a SME operating in the biomedical field, specialized in the production and marketing of highly innovative biomedical devices for the treatment of Acute Respiratory Failure (ARF) and Non Invasive ventilation (NIV) technologies.
Founded in 2002, it currently counts customers in 125 Italian hospitals, serving about 500 departments, in addition to 2 multinational distributors, which in turn serve hundreds of hospitals in Europe, for a few thousands of departments as total number of customers. The main customers are hospital departments of intensive care, pneumology, first aid, emergency, medicine, hematology and infectivology, cardiology, neonatology.
DIMAR's management has over 30 years experience in leading companies operating in the respiratory-critical care field as Dar, Mallinckrodt, Rusch, Teleflex, Starmed, Covidien, and since 1999 has been working in the area of ARF invasive treatment and for the realization of innovative systems for NIV.
The company follows every phase of its projects, from conception to realization. The distribution takes place through DIMAR own sales office that is in charge of agreements with multinational distributors. The Company acquires its own orders mainly participating directly to tenders for both public and private bodies. The company’s main customers are two: the local healthcare providers ("azienda sanitaria locale" ASL, for the Italian market) and international distributors like Covidien (for the world-wide market).
The company has always believed in research and development as a successful strategy to stand out from the competition and, for that reason, has decided to focus on devices for biomedical Non Invasive Ventilation, representing the future solution for both hospital and home care. Such devices, in fact, drastically reduce the risk of infections and can be used in every context.
Maurizio Borsari, the unique owner of DIMAR, in 1991 created the first version of helmet interface to be use in hyperbaric room. In 1999 he created Starmed, the first company in the world for NIV by helmet, which was acquired by Intersurgical. In 2002 Mr. Borsari founded DIMAR with the intention to develop a world-wide NIV business with innovative technologies.
Within DIMAR, the whole value chain of research and development, production and commercialization is aimed to the customers continuous satisfaction.
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