Research & Development

DIMAR is an Italian PRIVATE COMPANY which operates in the biomedical sector. In particular it is a leader company in the field of non-invasive ventilation (NIV) since 2003. In 2002 Mr. Borsari founded DIMAR with the intention to develop a world-wide NIV business with innovative technologies. Within DIMAR, the whole value chain of research and development, production and commercialization is aimed to the customers continuous satisfaction.
The main customers are private and public hospitals and healthcare institutions, both in Italy and Europe, especially the departments of ICU, hematology-infectivology (immunocopromized patients), pneumology, medicine, emergency and first-aid departments, ambulance, cardiology, neonatology. DIMAR forecasts a very fast growth in terms of revenues, EBIT and employment through the marketing of DI-CO2 technology in all its medical devices applications, and the resulting sales increase of all NIV-associated products, such as helmets, masks, accessories and equipment, which represent the main business area for DIMAR at the moment. 
With DI-CO2, DIMAR will be the first company in the world to offer a system which is able to monitor the total eliminated CO2 in a highly reliable way. 80% of corporate profits are invested annually in R & D laboratory, which is provided with state-of-art and cutting-edge equipment. Thanks to the high level of technology, Dimar laboratory is made available to university researchers for the study and tests of specific and complex clinical projects.
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